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The Slick Leather Pants That Feel Like Leggings

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

For years, leather pants struck fear in my heart. All I could think about was the scene from Friends where Ross decides to wear a pair for the first time and overheats. He runs to the bathroom for some relief, only to wind up stuck when he can’t pull his pants back up. Visions of being sweaty and pantsless in a public bathroom haunted me. But last year I happened to see these J. Brand patent leather cropped pants floating around the shopping sites. They were slick, cool, and, coincidentally, on-trend courtesy of the Matrix revival.

In a fit of inspiration and fiscal irresponsibility — they’re nearly $1,000 — I went from living in fear of becoming a meme to a woman obsessed with leather pants. Not only are they cool-looking, they’re also incredibly comfortable. The trick is the built-in stretch that mimics leggings. (They’re my go-to when working on photo shoots because they let me lunge, crouch, and squat with ease.) Plus, they’re lined, so they won’t cling to your legs, despite the mistake I made when I put them on during an 80-degree day.

On average, I’ve worn them at least once a week since getting them (except in the heat of summer), and multiple times during the course of a vacation. Pairing them with sneakers and a hoodie, I feel cool even if I’m just running errands. Throw a sweater over them with heels and it’s sharp enough for the office. And if I’m feeling extra creative, they’re the perfect foil for the dresses-over-pants look. I don’t know if the perfect pants exist, but these come pretty close.

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The Slick Leather Pants That Feel Like Leggings