Uniqlo’s New Collection Has Us Dreaming of Warmer Times

You, in a few months. Photo: Courtesy of Uniqlo

Ah, what will we wear when we can emerge from our warm blanket cocoons and turtleneck disguises? There’s no time like when you’re commuting in a ski suit to dream of your spring outfit. In a few months, all that down will be a distant memory. If you fall into that camp, Uniqlo is here to help. Their Chistophe Lemaire–designed Uniqlo U collection dropped today. The sorbet-inspired color scheme and lightweight fabrics aren’t necessarily what you want to wear right this second. But they’re what you wish you could be wearing right now. Even their coats (of which there are several) are slick and don’t recall a marshmallow.

The Uniqlo U collection is consistently wearable. It’s not just pure fantasy — it’s stuff you’d want to wear to work, on a date, and while posing for the perfectly candid/not-candid photo (it’s fine we all do it). With details like a utility-inspired belt on a pair of wide-leg pants and intricate ribbing on a tank top, it’s all elevated and subtly design-y. Nobody will know it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Available in sizes XS–XXL.

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Uniqlo’s New Collection Has Us Dreaming of Warmer Times