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New Home Décor in Soho, Japanese Beauty in the East Village, and Midtown’s Museum of the Dog

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

First Look

In February, homewares company Industry West — it has furnished Google and Airbnb offices — will open its first shoppable showroom in New York with 25 different brands (14 Crosby St.).

Illustration: Jason Lee/Courtesy of the vendors

1. Café: A bar that will offer espresso and coffee, plus evening pop-ups with mixologists like Van Brunt Stillhouse and Camp Craft Cocktails, which will create specialty beverages.

2. Décor: Hard-to-find accessories, like hand-stitched leather watering cans from Spanish manufacturer Sol&Luna ($85) and an iridescent crystal ashtray by Fundamental.Berlin ($65).

3. Cane collection: A section set up like a living space showcasing Industry West’s in-house furniture brand, Cane, with products like a solid-ash sofa inlaid with (of course) woven cane ($4,200).

4. Hartô: Selections designed with the affordable French furniture company, including a wooden secretary desk ($950) and a fabric armchair with solid-oak legs ($1,100).

5. Chair wall: A floor-to-ceiling shelving unit will showcase some 16 chairs, like a bright-blue stackable steel chair ($165) and a minimalist caramel leather side chair with a matte black frame ($655).

2x2: Kondo Crates

Joy-sparking storage bins.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Wooden: Green Tea Box, $165 at
Colorful: The Box, $95 at

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Wooden: Zebra large storage box, $20 at
Colorful: HAY Box Box, $55 at

Urban Export

This spring, Kevin Huang will bring his L.A.-based Japanese beauty store, Shibuyala, to the East Village, with over 6,000 products (37 St. Marks Pl.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“Our New York store is going to be very similar to our three Los Angeles stores — about 2,000 square feet of space, jam-packed with Japanese products. And when I say jam-packed, I mean it: skin care, like masks from ReFa and LuLuLun; Japanese snacks, like Esthe Pro Labo tea, and also drugstore items, like shampoo by Moist Diane. When you walk in, all the salespeople are going to do a welcome greeting — Irasshaimase! — that’s traditional in Japan. When people enter, I think they’ll feel … I don’t want to say overwhelmed, but I think they’ll have a whoa moment.”

Ask a Shop Clerk

In early February, Amy Holdener will open Citiva, Brooklyn’s first marijuana dispensary (202 Flatbush Ave., Prospect Heights).

So it’s a shop too?
Yes! We’ll have batteries for vapes and T-shirts. For people with medical-marijuana cards, we have vaporizers (from $70), tinctures (from $49), and capsules (from $35). And our pharmacists are very hip: They literally wear aprons, tweed vests, and slacks. And wing-tip shoes.

Three in One

On February 8, ahead of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the canine-devoted Museum of the Dog will open in midtown (101 Park Ave.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors


Plush cashmere dogs ($225); Kent Stetson clutches printed with images of different breeds, including dachshunds, French bulldogs, and Westies ($208); John Derian pug paperweights ($60).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors


Hundreds of paintings, prints, and sculptures depicting dogs throughout the ages, like Ejnar Vindfeldt’s Dachshund Mother and Pups, Arthur Wardle’s Terriers and Butterflies, and Richard Fath’s Running Greyhounds.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors/© 2019 American Kennel Club


A 4,200-book library dedicated to all things canine, including The Illustrated Book of the Dog, John Caius’s De Canibus Britannicis, and a book on famous Hollywood pups.

Top Five

Christine Costello has opened Feels NYC, a vintage–slash–vinyl–slash–home-goods shop, in Ridgewood (59-17 71st Ave.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“This piece by ceramist Courtney Krings ($64) is — well, I guess a vase because it has an opening — but it’s really just an object that looks like the bottom half of a chicken’s body.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We have Alice Coltrane’s Universal Consciousness on vinyl ($27). Her music is ecstatic. And the cover is great: It’s just awesome Alice Coltrane, looking beautiful.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“Mike Zimmerman makes album covers — he did the most recent Kurt Vile album — but he’s also an artist. This piece, called Vape Scape ($300), is abstract and done with acrylic on wood.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“My favorite vintage tee right now is a 1971 “Peanuts” T-shirt ($68). It has Snoopy on the front in his Joe Cool persona. And the quality is great: faded but intact.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We have a lot of art books — by Philip Glass, Yoko Ono, Susan Orlean. I particularly love A Designer’s Universe, by the designer Alexander Girard ($85). It’s so joyful to look at.”

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New Home Décor, Japanese Beauty, and the Museum of the Dog