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Unpacking the Current Vanderpump Rules Twitter Drama

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One of the many great things about Vanderpump Rules is that if you follow the cast on social media, the show never really stops. On Instagram you can watch Stassi travel with Beau, you can watch Jax market whatever this is, you can watch all of them get drunk together regularly. And now, on Twitter, you can watch James Kennedy fight with Jax and Brittany.

But what are they fighting about right now? Let’s see.

What are they fighting about?

Okay, hmm. In current on-air Vanderpump Rules drama, everyone is mad at James for various reasons. He called Katie Maloney fat a few weeks after he rapped “remember when Jax fucked Faith” during his weekly DJ night at SUR, while Brittany Cartwright (Jax Taylor’s current fiancée) was working. Plus, he cheated on Raquel and Raquel won’t believe it, even though Lala really wants her to. In the most recent episode, Katie told Lisa Vanderpump that she would quit if Lisa didn’t fire James. So, Lisa fired James.

In current on-Twitter Vanderpump Rules drama, James Kennedy went on a now-deleted Twitter rant about a few of the co-stars he’s currently feuding with on the show: Katie, Jax, Brittany, and Lala. On January 2, he tweeted, “Katie Maloney is one disgusting human being. Basically making up stories about me to gain gain gain. That’s all she does — her marriage won’t last and trust me, neither will she after #PumpRules.”

Then, he tweeted about Jax’s and Lala’s recently deceased fathers. Brittany responded with a screenshot, luckily, so here is both the tweet and her response:

(The “George” James is referring to is George Michael, family friend of the [James] Kennedys.) Then James responded to Brittany. Jax responded to James’s response with a screenshot, luckily, so here is both James’s tweet and Jax’s response:

And then what?

Like most celebrities who get into Twitter trouble, James deleted all of the offending tweets and briefly tried to claim he was hacked:

Jax also did not buy that:

But then James apologized?

Yes, then James apologized, sort of.

Heh. Jax did not accept.

Is something also happening with Raquel?

Hmm. Raquel mostly seems to tweet angrily about whatever thing is currently happening on the show, but in light of the current Twitter argument, her anger at Katie for getting James fired has a renewed energy:

But also, in retaliation for sticking up for James, Jax called her out on a dog-related lie:

Damn … you do not want to lie about bidding on a dog when 300 people saw it.

And now what?

Jax and Brittany are headed to the Bahamas, which is a drama-free zone!!

Thank you for your attention.

Unpacking the Current Vanderpump Rules Twitter Drama