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Finally, a Lipstick for Your Cold, Black Heart

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beauté

If you like your lip balm how you like your coffee, then we have great news. Now there’s one to suit your black-hearted desires: The new YSL Volupté Plump-in-Color balm literally has a black heart. It certainly looks cheery and goth and that’s plenty enough reason to buy it, but the black heart adds more than just cool points.

The “black balm heart” runs through the center of the lip product, and is not where unfulfilled resolutions go to die but in fact a “plumping core” that gives your lips an added boost. It uses natural peppermint oil that should give lips a tingly, cooling, plumping sensation. It also uses something called caprylyl glycol — an alleged skin-conditioning and antimicrobial agent, plus black pearl powder to enhance shine.

While this balm core is black, it does not affect the color of the balm at all, which goes on the lips in a sheer tint. It comes in six very intensely named shades: Mad Nude, Dazzling Fuchsia, Exposing Coral, Delirious Orange, Lunatic Red, and Furious Gold, which is a gold-toned universally flattering nude shade. The tube itself is silver, with a band of color around the middle that peeks out from behind the YSL logo. Overall, it’s a pretty cool lip product for all the pretty cool kids.

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Finally, a Lipstick for Your Cold, Black Heart