The 5 Stages of Adam Levine’s Super Bowl Performance

Adam Levine. Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The key to any live performance is a multitude of Looks, and Adam Levine knows it. During Maroon 5’s 13-minute performance at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, he progressively stripped off layers of clothing — not unlike a tame game of strip poker — going from two jackets to being completely bare-chested.

Ahead, a breakdown of the many stages of Adam Levine at the Super Bowl.

Stage 1: Not one, but two jackets.

Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Levine started off the night in a zipped-up jacket and a long black coat, which seems like overkill under hot stadium lights, but is surely key to his layered look.

Stage 2: Jacket No. 1.

Photo: Elsa/Getty Images

Sometime after the first song, Levine’s first layer came off, leaving him in just one jacket, with red (maroon?) stripes.

Stage 3: Jacket No. 2.

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Because no show is complete without some kind of outfit change, he also changed into a silky “ATLiens” bomber jacket (a nod to OutKast’s album) when it came time to bring on guests Big Boi and Sleepy Brown.

Stage 4: The throw-pillow tank top.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The best outfit of the night, however, came when he discarded that jacket to reveal a brown geometric-print tank top that people have compared to the throw pillows and curtains that live in many American homes.

If he’s not going to play “Sunday Morning,” the undisputed Best Maroon 5 Song, this shirt will have to do.

(Twitter users have attributed the pillows and homewares to Target and Furniture Factory Outlet, but you can currently find a Better Homes & Gardens rendition of the patterned pillow at Walmart, should you so wish.)

Stage 5: The tattoo stage.

Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Given that he once said that he spends most of his life naked, it’s really only fitting that the final stage of the night was Shirtless Adam Levine. Or, as I like to call it, Memento Adam Levine, whose many, many tattoos are there to help him decipher his own psyche.

Alternatively: Some on Twitter were quick to point out his resemblance to a Chipotle bag, so take your pick.

Either way, I guess we should be grateful that the strip-down didn’t culminate in the same way Robbie Williams’s “Rock DJ” music video did.

The 5 Stages of Adam Levine’s Super Bowl Performance