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All the Gossip About Jennifer Lawrence’s Engagement

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Get ready to officially commit the name “Cooke Maroney” to memory because Jennifer Lawrence is engaged! (To Cooke Maroney.) “Page Six” reported yesterday that spies observed J.Law and her art-dealer boyfriend of eight months celebrating at Raoul’s in New York this week. According to a source, Lawrence was wearing a “massive ring.” Here’s more: “It was a giant rock. They seemed like they were celebrating and people were talking about it. The ring was very noticeable.”

A few hours after “Page Six” posted this stunning tribute to Lawrence’s apparently blinding new diamond, her rep confirmed that Lawrence will be “tying the knot” with Maroney. Woohoo! Now let’s remember some facts about Maroney.

The 34-year-old New Yorker is the director of the Gladstone gallery, which represents a number of high-profile artists including Lena Dunham’s dad, Carroll Dunham. Art-world sources told the Cut back in June that Maroney is “definitely respected” in the industry. “He’s not a big player, but he’s a player,” said a source (I love this). How did he meet J.Law? According to several reports, Lawrence’s non-celebrity best friend Laura Simpson introduced them last spring.

Lawrence and Maroney got serious pretty quickly (by normal-people standards). They moved in together after just two months of dating, and by Christmas, they were talking about living together for LIFE. In January, a source told Us Weekly that Lawrence and Maroney “definitely appear to be in it for the long haul.”

What does “the long haul” mean when you are a celebrity? Six years? Who knows! I say congratulations to the happy couple, and I am grateful that we’re not talking about Lawrence marrying Darren Aronofsky right now.

Here’s something predictable but exciting all the same: Ben Affleck is hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus again. Apparently the sting of Affleck’s late summer dalliance with 22-year-old Playboy model Shauna Sexton has worn off, and Affleck and Shookus are thinking about getting back together. Oh, Ben.

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A slew of tabloids published stories yesterday that seem to be priming the public for an Affleck-Shookus reconciliation. According to People, the 46-year-old sober-again actor and the 38-year-old SNL producer have “struck up a friendship again and are spending time together.” A source told the tabloid, “I think he’s always been interested in seeing where his relationship with Lindsay could go, but these are two people who are very focused on their families and that distance between New York and L.A. is difficult sometimes.” But you can’t fight love!

Us Weekly reported yesterday that Shookus reached out to Affleck first, and that “They will keep talking and see what happens. It wouldn’t be surprising if they got back together.”

A source summed it up to E! News thusly: “They’ve known each other for years and there have been other periods of time where they didn’t speak. But they always seem to end up talking again.”

I, for one, am hoping for an Affleck-Shookus pap stroll ASAP. It’s almost iced-coffee season!

Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner is still dating the robotic burger chain CEO of her dreams, John Miller. Entertainment Tonight reported last week that Garner has “gotten serious” with Miller and is seeing Affleck less frequently. Which maybe, partly explains how Shookus moved back into the picture. Stay tuned.

Shookus’s SNL colleague Pete Davidson, meanwhile, is getting papped with Kate Beckinsale. The actress was spotted in the audience at the comedian’s stand-up show in L.A. last Friday night, and the two were photographed leaving the venue hand-in-hand. According to People, they retired to Davidson’s Santa Monica hotel together. How did this happen?

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It all started a month ago at the Golden Globes, when Davidson and Beckinsale were seen chatting “intensely” for 45 minutes at the Netflix party. They didn’t leave together that night, but it seems things have, uh, progressed since then. Now, the tabloids are predictably focusing on the couple’s 20-year age gap (Beckinsale is 45, Davidson is 25). According to Us Weekly, Davidson is perfect for Beckinsale, because she loves dating younger men. (To be fair, the last guy she was spotted with was a comedian even younger than Davidson.)

Here’s a very funny elaboration from an Us Weekly source: “Kate is a lot of fun and loves embracing her youthful side. She’s always the life of the party and likes going out, dancing, and hanging out around young people at hip places.” Lol. Same!

Davidson and Beckinsale haven’t been spotted together again since Friday, but I bet they will continue to date for the next couple of months, at least.

Kylie Jenner on the cover of Architectural Digest! The 21-year-old almost-billionaire opened the doors to her $12 million Hidden Hills mansion and revealed some of what’s inside (namely: condom art and a big, pink glam room) for the magazine’s latest issue. Why did she do this? Often, when a celeb agrees to do an Arch Digest cover, it’s because they want to promote their interior designer and/or sell their house. (Think Jennifer Aniston’s pre-divorce cover last year.) I think that may be what’s happening here. Let’s consider the timing. According to Jenner, she shot the cover last October.

Know what else she was doing that month? Buying a new, $13.5 million Beverly Hills mansion with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott.

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People reported at the time, “They mostly bought it as an investment, but it seems they plan on staying there too.” Maybe now they are ready to move in. Let’s watch to see if Jenner’s pop-art bachelorette pad sells quietly in the next few months.

One small blessing from this week:

Lea Michele’s bachelorette party was sponsored by

Finally, I ask you to send prayers directly to Jessica Simpson, who is gritting her teeth through the last couple months of her third pregnancy. I love you, Jessica!

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All the Gossip About Jennifer Lawrence’s Engagement