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Andy Cohen Presents His New Son to the World

Andy Cohen.
Andy Cohen. Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Tribeca TV

Earlier this month, on February 4, the Bravo family welcomed its newest member: Benjamin Allen Cohen, the new son of reality-TV king Andy Cohen. And now, Cohen has officially introduced little Benjamin to the world — in the form of a People magazine cover story, of course.

Cohen and his first child, who was born via surrogate, grace the cover of People’s latest issue in an absolutely adorable spread, in which the new dad proudly cuddles and poses with the young Benjamin, who just so happens to have an amazing head of hair. As Cohen tells the magazine, “I had been hoping that he would have a full head of hair, and he really overdelivered.” (You can see the pics here).

The Real Housewives guru told People all about his journey into parenthood. Cohen says he worked with “an organization [that] helps you find the egg donor and the surrogate, and you kind of package the whole process.” Then, he was matched with a surrogate who lived in California. Cohen explained that even though he is based in New York, “surrogacy is illegal in so many states, including New York. I don’t understand why. It’s a voluntary process, obviously. My surrogate just viewed it as, she was giving me the ultimate gift. She gave me life. So I’ll be forever indebted to her.”

Cohen further revealed that he was in the delivery room as Benjamin was born — “That was the first thing you see, the head of hair coming out,” he explained. “And I was amazed.” — and that he cut the umbilical cord himself. The Bravo head further said that Benjamin was “so alert” for the first two hours of his life — he didn’t cry, he was calm, Cohen said — and added, “I kind of have no words for it.”

We’re so happy for Cohen, and can only hope that Benjamin will be making an appearance on Bravo soon.

Andy Cohen Presents His New Son to the World