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Anna Wintour Had a Surprising Look-alike at Victoria Beckham

Harper and David Beckham, and Anna Wintour.
Harper Beckham (bottom left), David Beckham (top left), and Anna Wintour (right). Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Over the weekend, Anna Wintour sat front row at Victoria Beckham during London Fashion Week. It was there that the world learned that the Vogue editor-in-chief has a surprising lookalike, in the form of adorable Harper Beckham, 7.

Perched on her father David Beckham’s lap while seated next to Wintour in the front row at her mother’s fashion show at Tate Britain, Harper was photographed sporting a chic bob haircut with blunt bangs — which looked nearly identical to Wintour’s iconic hairstyle.

Harper’s soccer star dad seemed thrilled by the matching moment, as he posted a picture of the two hairdos next to each other on his Instagram story, alongside the caption, “Harper & Anna who wore it better,” with two hearts and the words, “Both amazing.” David later followed that story up with a meme of him also sporting the bob, alongside the caption, “Who wore it better?? I cannot compete with Anna & Harper.”

David Beckham’s Instagram story. Photo: Instagram/@DavidBeckham

As Hello notes, Harper — who was also joined in the front row by brothers Brooklyn (and his girlfriend Hana Cross), Cruz, and Romeo — received her “chic little French bob” haircut from stylist Luke Hersheson in January. In videos posted on Victoria’s Instagram story, Hersheson told Harper all about the hairstyle she was getting, while Victoria captioned the shots, “Super chic Harper,” and, “She is going short.” Victoria also wrote in the last video of the hair transformation, “Beyond cute, this haircut is everything!”

While sporting matching looks at a fashion show might otherwise be considered taboo, we can only assume Harper and Wintour’s hair-twin moment ended up receiving the AWOK.

Anna Wintour Had a Surprising Look-alike at Victoria Beckham