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The Mystery of Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s Relationship Deepens

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There’s no couple more shrouded in mystery than Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Are they together, or God willing, are they not together? It’s difficult to pin down the emotional status of this couple, but according to People Khloé and Tristan may have finally called it quits! The magazine has a theory that since the couple hasn’t been seen together in a month, they’re finally dunzo.

Per People and its “source,” Khloé “rarely talks about Tristan,” and she “acts like a single mom,” with their daughter, True. This information — plus Khloé deciding not to move back to Cleveland this fall, plus the couple not being seen in public for over a month, plus Khloé’s favorite pastime of cryptic Instagram Story posts — doesn’t necessarily point to a happy relationship. Still, these rumors have followed Khloé and Tristan since last April when he showed his ass to the world by cheating on Khloé just days before she gave birth to their first child. And, despite publicly acknowledging that going back to him may make her sisters and the public think she’s an “idiot,” Khloé has talked about her commitment to this relationship. They have a child together and Khloé’s always been adamant that she wants True to know both her father and her mother no matter the circumstances.

To fully dissect whether or not Khloé and Tristan are actually broken up, we need to take a look back at the month they’ve apparently spent apart. On January 13, Khloé and Tristan were seen heading into Craig’s for dinner together in L.A. It’s probably no mistake that this couple choose one of the most scene-y and paparazzi-laden establishments for a night out; one glimpse at the happy couple holding hands as they enter a restaurant is usually enough to shut people up about their relationship for at least a month, which brings us to today.

In the last month, according to the Cleveland Cavaliers website, the team had no games in California, where Khloé lives, from January 16 to today, February 13. The most time between games was two days, which doesn’t leave much time for personal travel on Tristan’s part. For her part, Khloé has California-based jobs, including Good American and a little television show called Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and apparently also came down with “the craziest flu” this month. She tweeted on Saturday February 2, “Hi loves! This week has been insanely busy and on top of that I came down with the craziest flu. I’m feeling a little better 🙏🏽 I could never forget about you guys. We will chat this weekend when I feel even better 🥰🥰” So, it makes sense that they weren’t seen out together that week.

Khloé normally defends their relationship when Tristan is brought up; this seems exhausting, and maybe it’s not a great use of time when you have a kid to take care of. Add the flu on top of all that and it might explain the lack of posts about him on her accounts.

So, the evidence, when looked at together, doesn’t quite add up to a definitive breakup, but never say never. Days before People published its piece on the state of True’s parents and their relationship, In Touch claimed that Khloé and Tristan’s love was “all for show.” In Touch’s source says, “Knowing Tristan has been with other women makes [Khloé’s] skin crawl,” and that she’s been “journaling” every time he does something wrong, but won’t ditch him until “the time is right.”

Unfortunately, based on the information I have gathered, I cannot say definitively that this time has come.

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