Are These Avocado Toast Sneakers Why Millennials Can’t Afford Homes?

Saucony “Shadow 6000 Avocado Toast” Sneakers. Photo: The Cut

It is a truth universally acknowledged that millennials love nothing more than sneakers and avocado toast.

Conveniently, they can now have both with Saucony’s new “Avocado Toast” Shadow 6000 sneakers, which dropped this week with much fanfare. “Holy Saucamole!” reads a description of the pair on the brand’s website.

For $130 dollars, or the cost of about 13 and a half avocado toasts from Sqirl, the buyers of said Saucony sneakers will not only get the ultimate Instagram opportunity, but also “toast-ed leather” soles, “smashed avocado” textured suede uppers, and red pepper flake detailing. Plus, the phrase “Saucamole” tattooed on the heel, haunting them wherever they go.

Are expensive avocado-toast sneakers precisely what’s preventing millennials from doing things like buying homes and eating affordable meals like canned tuna?

“Y’all have to stop with all this heat I have no money,” read one comment on the brand’s Instagram, followed by a palm-to-face emoji.

Others asked, “Are you kidding me?

Despite Saucony’s obvious sense of humor on the subject, the brand claims to see these sneakers as an opportunity to “celebrate your health kick.” This is also not their first food-related sneaker. Last year, they ironically teamed up with Dunkin’ Donuts on a running shoe timed to the Boston Marathon. And if you’re not exactly on a “health kick,” maybe consider some Shake Shack Allbirds?

Only 1,200 pairs of Saucony Avocado Toast sneakers have been made. The good news for everyone is that they’re not sold out. Yet.

Are Avocado Toast Sneakers Why Millennials Can’t Buy Homes?