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The Democratic Women Were Extremely Unimpressed With Trump

Democratic congresswomen.
Democratic congresswomen. Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Throughout the president’s second State of the Union — which touched on classic Trumpian subjects, including his deep desire for a border wall, as well as his hatred for NAFTA, women’s bodily autonomy, and socialism — the camera frequently panned to a sea of Democratic congresswomen, many of them dressed in white as an homage to the suffragette movement. They were deeply, visibly unimpressed by his long-winded remarks, and they let it show.

Every time a camera panned over to a congresswoman, they bore expressions of disdain, distaste, and boredom. Representative Deb Haaland kept an unmoving glare trained at the president’s podium, and 2020 presidential candidate and New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand enthusiastically rolled her eyes. (Gillibrand later memed herself.)

As Trump continued on, the expressions began to look even more pained. Another 2020 presidential candidate, California senator Kamala Harris, went through several negative emotions rapidly as she processed Trump’s speech.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez kept a stony, stern expression through Trump’s address.

But perhaps the queen of icy expressions and palpable displeasure was House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The most notable moment was perhaps when she clapped — not with Trump or for Trump, but at him.

The congresswomen’s facial expressions were the best part — and maybe only good part — of Trump’s State of the Union. It’s the energy they’ll hopefully carry into the rest of the year.

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