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Alternative Captions for Emily Ratajkowski’s Bodega Lingerie Pics

Emily Ratajkowski.
Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: inamoratawoman/Instagram

Finally, a lingerie line for the modern New York City woman to wear to the bodega.

On Wednesday morning, Bernie babe and smart, cool person Emily Ratajkowski posted a series of photos of herself on Instagram wearing her brand-new lingerie line, Inamorata woman, though she says it’s “so much more” than that. Named after well-known streets like Bowery, Bedford, and Canal, the pieces — ranging from high-rise thongs to cotton shorts — are all vaguely New York City–themed, which Ratajkowski appropriately modeled in bodegas. “I think the Inamorata woman is the woman who will wear a bra top out to walk her dog and not even think about it,” Ratajkowski says on the line’s website. “She is confident and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”

While we at the Cut may not all share Ratajkowski brazen confidence and admirable commitment to being extremely hot, and would therefore maybe put a shirt over our bra before a trip to the corner store, we recognize as familiar the expressions she gives off in her Inamorata babe photos; we, too, have stood at the bodega counter, frozen in indecision over what kind of sandwich we want. (Just not solely in lingerie.)

Below, we captioned Ratajkowski’s lingerie photos like the bodega-frequenting, New York City dirtbags that we are.

• When you see someone you hooked up with across the bodega and you consider dropping your Takis to make a quick escape.

• When you’re like, “can I make s’mores with mini marshmallows or should I go somewhere else and see if they have normal-sized marshmallows?”

• When the bodega carries some fancy alternative flours all of a sudden.

• When the ATM fee is $3.50 and you’re ready to throw a fit.

• When you’re trying to remember if you like peppermint Trident or spearmint Trident.

• When you’re taking 15 minutes to decide between two flavors of Pringles at 1:30 a.m. while your boyfriend grumpily waits for you to make up your mind.

• When you told yourself you weren’t going to buy a pack of cigarettes to smoke when you’re drunk but also they’re only $11, so … fuck it.

• When the cashier tells you to enjoy your sandwich and you respond, “You too!”

• When you’re trying to pick a beer and you convince yourself the bodega guy is looking at you, thinking you’re underage when really you’re 30.

• When they don’t have Sanpellegrino Limonata but they do have Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa, which is worse.

• When you know you shouldn’t buy a $4.99 bottle of kombucha but they have GT’s trilogy.

• When you have a jarring Four Loko flashback.

Captions for Emily Ratajkowski’s Bodega Lingerie Pics