Are Cardi B and Offset Back Together?

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Over a month after Cardi B announced in an Instagram video that she and Offset would be getting a divorce, it seems like the two might be back together — or, at least, are in the process of getting back together.

If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be too surprising: Cardi and Offset have seemed to remain on good terms post-breakup, even going on vacation to Puerto Rico together and exchanging lavish Christmas presents.

Aside from Cardi’s recent statement that they’re “working it out,” neither have confirmed nor denied their reunion, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from swirling. Let’s examine some of the evidence.

TMZ reported that Cardi is moving back in.

On Thursday, TMZ published a report saying that anonymous sources claimed that Cardi B is returning to the Atlanta home that she shared with Offset before their breakup.

Since Cardi had just posted an Instagram Story the week before, saying that she wanted to go home to Offset and their baby Kulture, it was a pretty believable story.

But! In a now-deleted tweet captured by Uproxx, Cardi denied that rumor, writing, “TMZ why ya be lying. I haven’t even been in Atl since Christmas.”

Cardi B tells reporters that she and Offset are “working things out, baby.”

While making a court appearance on Thursday dressed in a full-length brown fur coat and matching hat, as well as red-bottom boots, Cardi was asked about Offset.

“Wait for me to put my glasses on first,” she said. Then she replied, “We’re working things out, baby.”

Cardi was spotted FaceTiming with Offset at an airport.

After Cardi touched down at LAX on Thursday, TMZ photographers caught her FaceTiming with Offset. In and of itself, that wouldn’t seem significant — he’s the father of her baby, and they’ve seemed to be on good terms, even after Offset crashed her music festival set, but what is a big deal is that when asked who she was talking to, Cardi replied, “My significant other.”

Does this mean that the “TAKE ME BACK CARDI” signs worked out for Offset in the end? Only time will tell.

Are Cardi B and Offset Back Together?