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Chris Evans Made Himself Useful at the Oscars

Jennifer Lopez and Chris Evans.
Jennifer Lopez and Chris Evans. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The curtain at the 2019 Oscars went up without an official show host. It was a decision that had most of Hollywood freaked out for a number of months (did the producers forget the debacle that was Rob Lowe’s opening number at the only other hostless Oscars in 1989?). Yet the decision ultimately turned out to be … fine?

Everyone seemed to be cooperating and working together to keep the show running smoothly. Everyone seemed to know which jokes to make, which punches to pull, and tried to bop along to the beat as Adam Lambert revealed his Queen tribute band … Queen. But even an awards show that featured Keegan-Michael Key descending from the rafters like a gender-flipped Mary Poppins had to cut costs somewhere. Sadly, it seems an official stage escort was slashed from the budget.

Never fear, Chris Evans is here! The actor was seated in the front row for the ceremony, and perhaps thanks to the vibrant shade of his plush velvet suit jacket, became the person you’d most want seated in an airplane exit row, because he probably read the pamphlet like he was supposed to. At the beginning of the show, he assisted Regina King when she headed up the stairs to receive her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for If Beale Street Could Talk. Later, he was lucky enough to share the stage with Jennifer Lopez; her metallic Tom Ford dress needed no accessory, but if you’re going to accessorize, Evans’s arm is a good choice!

Because three makes the rule, it’s important to note this isn’t the first time Captain America has leaned into his own chivalry. In 2015, he escorted Betty White to the stage at the People’s Choice Awards, in the kind of gingham-and-V-neck-sweater combo that grandmothers everywhere appreciate.

Sure, fawning over something as basic as offering your arm to a woman should she need it to keep from falling over is proof that, for men, the bar for polite behavior is extremely low. Perhaps it is even on the ground! But Chris Evans and his beard could escort me anywhere and everywhere. Captain America, I thank you for your service.

Chris Evans Made Himself Useful at the Oscars