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Wait! — Was Jordyn Woods at SUR Handing in Her Résumé? I’m Dead.

Lisa Vanderpump, Jordyn Woods. Photo: Getty Images

Late last night, former SUR DJ and current Vanderpump Rules cast member James Kennedy tweeted that Jordyn Woods — the woman currently at the center of the world’s most captivating Kardashian-related cheating scandal — was at SUR, handing in her résumé [cry-laugh emoji] I’m dead.

“Well if the rumors are true she’d fit right in at SUR,” Vanderpump Rules cast member Billie Lee responded. Indeed. Everyone on that show is always cheating on each other, and we love it.

Of course, the rumor that seemed too “good” to be true. Though the idea that Ms. Woods, lady with whom Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on Khloé Kardashian, would be applying to work at Lisa Vanderpump’s sexy unique restaurant SUR right now is quite entertaining, it seems a bit on the nose. Would Kris Jenner and Andy Cohen dare?

Added to the outrageousness was the fact that, as some Twitter sleuths pointed out, James Kennedy was reporting this information while he was located not at SUR in West Hollywood, but in Arizona.

Hmm. Perhaps it was just some sort of a “joke.” Or perhaps someone just texted him the information. Or perhaps he was supplied it in advance …

And, anyway, there were other alleged sightings:

But was she even really there? This afternoon, the Cut received confirmation from a Vanderpump source that Jordyn Woods was, in fact, present at SUR on February 21, 2019.

“However,” our source said, “not sure on [the] validity of her actually applying for a job.”

Incredible. Will we see her on Vanderpump Rules season eight? Will the girls accept her as a friend, or will she be a faux — but then a friend later? Oh no, will Jax try to sleep with her? But what about Brittany? Will she be a hostess or a server? Does she like Giggy? Does Giggy like her? Does she have access to a PJ of her own, or will she have to use Rand’s?

We have reached out to Jordyn Woods for comment and will update if we hear back.

Did Jordyn Woods Apply for a Job at SUR?