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Glossier Is Launching a New Brand

Photo: Glossier

Glossier is leaning into being the glosssiest. The brand announced today that they’ll be launching Glossier Play, a mysterious separate sub-brand. “Is it a separate brand for sexy times?” you might be wondering.

It’s unclear, but most likely no. Despite the name and that the brand has also trademarked something called a Playroom (conjure the 50 Shades of Grey scene of your choosing), it all seems to be in the beauty realm. Playroom’s trademark filing indicates that it could be for body or room scents, burning papers, or bath bombs. Glossier Play Tetra Chrome, a phrase referring to a special condition that enables people to see 100 million colors, is trademarked for eye shadow or eye makeup. The trademarks suggest that Play may be an extension beyond parent Glossier’s no-makeup-makeup aesthetic.

Billboards for the brand are already up in NYC. “After two years in the making, we can’t wait for you to see, touch, hear, swatch, and play with what’s to come,” adds Glossier’s Instagram account. If you remain unconvinced that Glossier Play isn’t about sex toys, consider that lube is pretty difficult to swatch. So don’t forget to turn your sound on, for all that will be unveiled in March 2019.

Glossier Is Launching a New Brand