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Jeff Bezos Was Out With Somebody New

Jeff Bezos. Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Jeff Bezos was out with somebody new
Tell me, my friend — was it you, was it you?
Whisper the truth, I’ll hold your secret dear
And type it quiet, so no one will hear

—Kelly Conaboy

Jeff Bezos was spotted — and photographed — arriving at Beyoncé and Jay Z’s after-Oscars party on Sunday night with a woman who is not Lauren Sanchez. [GASP!] She is a brunette, however, and she was wearing a gown. Who is she? (Is she you?) The photographs are available for viewing here, on a Beyoncé fan Twitter account.

You must admit that the pictures certainly show someone. People notes that Bezos was with his sister on Oscars night (“Bezos spent the night with his sister, Christina, and mingled happily among other guests,” they say), but does not name her as the brunette. HollywoodLife also mentions his sister, but seems to imply the brunette is not his sister, saying, “Bezos was also seen attending the Oscars after-parties with his sister, Christina.”

One of those other Oscars parties Bezos attended was, according to the Daily Mail, the Vanity Fair party. Sanchez’s estranged husband reportedly Patrick Whitesell also attended that one, though it is unclear whether he and Bezos chatted. I hope they did, though. What an odd moment for the two men to share.

“Well … here we are!” “Yep. Here we are …”

Unfortunately for Lauren Sanchez, Sanchez was not spotted at the Vanity Fair party, though she has reportedly attended in years past. She and Jeff Bezos have not been seen out together since the whole thing.

Will we see the mystery brunette out again? Is it Christina? If it isn’t Christina, will we ever learn her name? Only the future knows.

Jeff Bezos Spotted at Beyoncé’s Oscar Party With Someone New