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How Did Kenny G Get in There?

Kenny G and roses.
Kenny G and roses. Photo: Getty Images

It’s Valentine’s Day, the time to show the person (or people!) you love just how much they mean to you in the form of timeless romantic gestures and/or performative gifts they can show off on social media.

Of course, not to be outdone by the endless pics of flower bouquets currently dominating your Instagram this holiday, Kanye West went all-out with Kim Kardashian West’s gift — the over-the-top videos of which Kim graciously shared for us all on social media. And what, pray tell, was this already legendary Valentine’s present? Why, just the famous saxophonist Kenny G in a room with a floor covered in vases containing single roses, of course!

The gesture was certainly romantic (and extremely Kanye), but the video left us with a number of logistical questions, including but not limited to:

• How did Kenny G get in there?

• No really, how did he get in there?

• Okay, assuming Kenny G entered the room before all of the flower vases were placed, how long did he have to stand there?

• The second video Kim posted suggests that there was a path among the vases. Is it possible to navigate such a path while also balancing a woodwind instrument? (According to Yahoo Answers, a sax can weigh around 6 pounds-ish, so that can be heavy after a while.)

• Now, for timing. Did Kanye know specifically when Kim would be home?

• Follow-up to that last question, if so, did they time the placement of the flowers and the Kenny G to her arrival?

• Did Kenny G just stand there the whole time waiting for her?

• What would have happened if Kim was late or ended up, say, deciding to run an errand instead of arriving at the specific time? Would Kenny G just have had to stand there? Or would he get a break?

• Let’s move on to money. How much did it cost Kanye to get Kenny G to perform at their house? ( states his rate is below $150,000, but that is quite vague, as a lot of things are below $150,000.)

• What songs did Kenny G play? (From the videos on Twitter, we know he at least played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” but according to, he has at least ten more songs in his repertoire.)

• Did Kanye decide what songs Kenny G should play, or did he just wing it?

• Beyond that, is Kim a big Kenny G fan?

• Was there an option to have Lizzo play her flute instead?

• What about a potential Lizzo and Kenny G collab?

• But we suppose most importantly: What does this mean for Kenny G’s own Valentine’s Day plans? :(

How Did Kenny G Get in There?