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Kate Middleton Has Entered Her Blue Period

Kate Middleton. Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (colloquially known as Kate Middleton) is in the midst of her blue period. The duchess was seen on her tour of Northern Ireland pouring a pint in a Missoni dress, but today she’s continued in a pale blue Mulberry coat that looks straight out of Harry Potter’s Beauxbatons school (for non-Potterheads, here’s a photo for reference). What does she have under that coat? Another blue dress! And she accessorized it with a navy blue clutch and what look like navy blue suede Manolo BB heels (which are also a favorite of her sister-in-law and fellow duchess, Meghan Markle).

Kate and her husband, Prince William are on a two-day trip to Northern Ireland. Yesterday their itinerary included pouring Guinnesses and playing soccer (allegedly badly) in flat shoes. Today, they started off in Ballymena with a visit to local police. They’ll also visit the Braid Arts Centre and Sure Start, a charity that supports parents with young children living in disadvantaged areas in Northern Ireland, per Kensington Palace. So far, she’s taken part in giving some young thespians makeovers, and braided some hair. If there’s anything Kate knows, it’s good hair.

Their trip to Sure Start included helping toddlers plant their own flowers in pots to take with them and hatch “dinosaur eggs.” The Kensington Royal Twitter account has been diligently documenting these adorable activities for the fans of Will & Kate.

While this is all very cute, the important thing to take away from this trip is that Kate should wear more blue because every time she does she looks like a Disney princess which is the best part about being a duchess, surely.

Kate Middleton Has Entered Her Blue Period