Lady Gaga Just Loved Being at the Grammys

Lady Gaga and her Grammy.
Lady Gaga and her Grammy. Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording A

Lady Gaga is really enthusiastic about awards shows. She might not dress in meat anymore for the red carpet, but even in her Bradley Cooper–era stage of fame, she still managed to make the 2019 Grammys a little bit weirder and a lot more eager.

During her acceptance speech for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Shallow,” she wept tears of gratitude. “I wish Bradley was here with me right now,” Gaga said. “But he’s at the BAFTAs, over in the U.K.”

She continued to weep as she waltzed offstage, as if it were her first Grammy and not her ninth. It’s that kind of eagerness that makes her so fun to watch; she will probably have a face wet with tears after her 40th Grammy award.

Then, during Janelle Monáe’s performance, Gaga proved that she’s not only here for Gaga. She was bouncing up and down in her seat, throwing her arms around enthusiastically, and really just giving her all as a fan. As award winner and as an audience member, is there anything Gaga loves more than an awards show? Likely not.

And finally, the most Gaga moment of the night was her performance, where she edged back into an older rendition of herself. With monster high heels, unflinching eye contact with the camera, and her body gyrating in ways that seemed both unlikely and unnatural, she gave off 1980s rock-star vibes in sequined jumper.

With this amount of excitement over the Grammys, let’s hope Gaga will be able to handle the Oscars, where she is also nominated and will be performing.

Lady Gaga Just Loved Being at the Grammys