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Madewell Now Has Its Very Own Perfume Line

Photo: Courtesy of Madewell

After launching their own beauty line in 2017, Madewell is throwing their nicely scented hat into the fragrance ring: Today they released four signature perfumes in minimalist glass bottles.

The four scents are Indigo, Sedona, Chambray, and Beau. Which of these new fragrances, seemingly named after single-origin coffee-shop baristas speaks to you? Indigo is the crisp, classic, green-leaves-and-sandalwood nod to Madewell’s signature denim collection. Sedona is more of a free-spirited fragrance with bright citrus and floral notes. Chambray is fancy and she knows it, a sheer French floral that is a little bit edgy. And Beau, a relatively neutral, unisex scent has amber cypress, palo santo, and leather notes.

Each one can be worn alone or better yet, layered with another. Maybe at your core, you’re more of a Chambeau, Indigray, or Sedonago. Maybe you like what all four are bringing to the table and have declared yourself a Chambreaudonigo. No matter what your olfactory- or name-blending heart desires, they’re available now. Check them out online or in-store.

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Madewell Now Has Its Very Own Perfume Line