2019 academy awards

Marie Kondo Sparks Joy at the Oscars

Marie Kondo. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Everyone’s favorite self-help guru has arrived at the Oscars. Marie Kondo, the woman convincing people to turn their closets over to Beacon’s and head to the Container Store, is currently at the 90th Academy Awards in a pretty pink (though surprisingly not minimalist) dress.

Why? She has a hit Netflix show and lovely personality, but neither of those get you an Oscar’s ticket. Instead, she’s there as Access’s guest. The TV show took her to choose her dress at Jenny Packham’s studio.

She selected a pretty pink sparkly dress with floral appliqués. I wonder if it will continue to spark joy for her after the ceremony is over or whether she too will take it to her local thrift store. Of course, her skin is glowing — probably from her very organized skin-care routine — and her bangs are perfectly blunt and in place.

Her presence there is already inspiring jokes about how desperately the Oscars need to Kondo. After all, if there’s ever an occasion that needs to be tightly edited and tidied up, it’s the 2019 Oscars. The night has no host, has been criticized (per usual) for its lack of representation, and almost didn’t televise all of the awards. Throw in the allegations against Bryan Singer, director of Best Picture nominee Bohemian Rhapsody, and you have a mess worthy of Kondo’s Netflix show.

At the very least, Kondo’s presence will be good meme fodder.

Marie Kondo Sparks Joy at the Oscars