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Marie Kondo Has Finally Reached Hypebeasts

Marie Kondo. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

In the weeks following the premiere of Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, droves of hoarders reportedly flocked to their local Container Stores and Beacon’s Closets in an effort to tidy up. Even hypebeasts weren’t immune to the purge, although it may have taken them a little longer to say good-bye.

As one Twitter user, @adultblackmale, pointed out this week, a number of users on Grailed — a popular resale platform for label-happy dudes — cite Kondo’s influence, (and their wives’), as the reason they’re parting with their beloved clothes and sneakers, for better or worse.

“Wife watched Marie Kondo and is making me sell this shirt,” read one begrudged listing. Others said almost the exact same thing: “Wife is making me Kondo it.”

When I emailed Grailed’s brand director, Lawrence Schlossman, about the life-changing magic of Marie Kondo, he shared that since Tidying Up premiered in January, the platform has seen 30 listings across 11 sellers mentioning her specifically by name. Before then, they’d only seen six mentions across five sellers since 2015, when Kondo’s book came out.

Parting with your stuff isn’t easy, but especially not for hypebeasts, whose lifestyle revolves around the acquisition of things. As we saw in the “Making Room for Baby” episode with Mario, each “grail,” including Supreme sneakers, sparked joy for him — so much that he’d been willing to justify $10,000 worth of credit card debt. (His wife also made him do it.)

One Grailed user who goes by @apop took it upon himself to tidy up after his fiancée (who works in the fashion industry) made him watch Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. He said he’s since listed 40–50 items from his closet that don’t “spark joy,” including an Haider Ackermann jacket, Comme des Garcons pants, and a feather print shirt his fiancée bought him, which he claims she won’t let him donate.

In August, @apop will revisit the rest of the items in his closet. “If I don’t wear them until then, I committed to list those as well, no matter how hard that’s going to be,” he told me.

Is his fiancée happy now? “If you include me in your article, mention she’s still due for a closet purge,” he added.

Marie Kondo Is Sending Hypebeasts Into Emotional Distress