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Meghan Markle Has Reportedly Threatened to Sue Over Letter to Her Father

Meghan Markle.
Meghan Markle. Photo: Yui Mok/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Meghan Markle’s father made his grossest media play yet when he released a private, emotional letter from his daughter to The Mail on Sunday. Now, the Guardian reports the Duchess of Sussex has threatened to sue the tabloid for publishing excerpts of the letter.

The letter’s publication came after several of Meghan’s close friends anonymously defended her in People magazine, setting the record straight after weeks of nonstop negative reports in the tabloids. The friends also spoke of what really went down between Meghan and her father Thomas Markle Sr., saying that contrary to his repeated complaints, Meghan has been in touch with him and even wrote him a heartfelt letter after her royal wedding to Prince Harry begging him to stop causing her pain by speaking out in the press. He, in turn, asked her for a photo op, her friends said.

Thomas responded to the People article by releasing his private correspondence with Meghan, including the heartfelt handwritten note from his daughter. The letter, and his reply (portions of which was also published by the Mail on Sunday), confirmed what the friends had said about what went down.

And now, according to the Guardian, Meghan has reportedly threatened to sue the Mail on Sunday under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act for publishing the letter that she wrote to her father. Representatives for Meghan have reportedly been in touch with the newspaper since the letter’s publication, and royals have previously invoked the act before against publications. The Guardian states it is unclear how the Mail on Sunday will respond to potential legal action, and that the letter remains online.

Meghan Markle Might Sue Over Letter to Her Father