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Lucky Models at Prada Got Free Professor Snape Haircuts

Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

While the models at Gucci were a bit in their feelings with their fake tears and whatnot, the models at Prada channeled two aspirational RBF champions who famously cannot be bothered with emotions: Wednesday Addams and Severus Snape.

Vogue reports that about dozen models had their hair dyed jet-black for the show, under the direction of lead stylist Guido Palau and colorist (Redken Global Color creative director) Josh Wood.

Then a handful of the models got the Addams treatment: very severe center-parts (let it happen) and 22-inch-long extensions braided into pigtails (again, let it happen). The resemblance to Gomez and Morticia’s spider-raising and headless-doll-collecting daughter was simply uncanny.

The other handful got the Snape treatment: equally severe center-parts plus very sharp bob cuts, courtesy of Palau. A few bobs hit below the chin, (so Severus), while others hit higher up at the cheekbone, which, not to worry, will grow out into nice versions of the potions master’s signature hairdo.

Every model had their brows bleached backstage by Pat McGrath — a quick way to make them look a lot more expressionless and sullen. Makeup-wise, things were kept minimal to let the hair speak for itself, a method both Addams and Snape seem to employ in their daily lives (that and complete avoidance of the sun).

All the guys were going Draco Malfoy last summer, so it’s very fun to think about all the girls going Snape this fall. If loyalty and doing the right thing are more your speed, Prada also gave the option of pairing your Snape hair with Harry Potter spectacles (below), which is at least 5 points for Gryffindor, I guess.

Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
Lucky Models at Prada Got Professor Snape Haircuts