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Naomi Campbell Believes in Detoxing 4 Times a Year

Photo: Zach Hilty/BFA.com

Last night, at a $50 million penthouse some 20 floors above Hudson Yards, New York glitterati gathered to celebrate the unveiling of Equinox Hotels, a new hospitality endeavor by the luxury fitness company.

“I live here, so welcome! I hope there’s enough booze,” said one British partygoer, referring to the Zaha Hadid–designed building which housed the immaculate penthouse. She and other party attendees, a group that included Jonathan Cheban, enjoyed cocktails and miniature lobster tacos while discussing the various subjects on their minds for New York Fashion Week. These included the supremacy of Aries over other Zodiac signs, and the failure of the masses to understand feminism after Beyoncé “spelled it out for them.”

Meanwhile, deep inside the penthouse, in a room far from the influencers taking selfies and the loudspeakers playing an electronic jazz version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” supermodel Naomi Campbell was perched on the edge of the master bedroom’s bed, a jacket draped over her shoulders. The face of the new Equinox campaign and the personification of their “holistic lifestyle experience,” Campbell was holding court on her own personal health and fitness routines.

These do not involve any “radical lifestyles,” she explained. “I’ve always been healthy in the sense of well-being, on the outside as well as the inside.” She loves circuit training, for example, and believes that everyone should detox at least four times a year.

In terms of eating, however, she actually has undergone a “radical change” recently after finding out she is gluten and meat-intolerant. For example, that day she had eaten a piece of white fish, kale, and also whatever sweet-smelling gummy she was chewing at the moment. Among her other dietary priorities are “no raw food after lunch,” and practicing not eating in a rush. “Your mind mentally needs you to sit down at the table,” she said.

Of course, Naomi could use a breather. There’s been much public speculation about a new and fiery relationship with ex-One-Direction member Liam Payne, not to mention constant attention and affection from the fans and press (“I called her mother,” gasps one reporter, emerging from the room with Naomi). If anyone deserves a real meal sitting down at a table, it’s probably her.

Naomi Campbell Believes in Detoxing 4 Times a Year