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These Cute, Affordable Handbags Will Cure Your Winter Blues

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

Fivestory on New York’s Upper East Side is one of the city’s most highly curated boutiques, where young, moneyed, and fashion-hungry shoppers like to lounge around and usually walk away with a little something in the $1,000 range. So when I was told the owner Claire Distenfeld was launching a private label of essentials, from jeans to cashmere sweaters to bags, I was not convinced I’d be among her customer base. Distenfeld knows what sells in knitwear, handbags, and accessories, but the market feels like it’s becoming oversaturated and products too highly priced.

Then when I saw the items and the price point, I immediately went on the site to place a preorder. Allow me to introduce you to your new go-to bags and maybe even headbands (after all, the Prada ones might be a little too out of your price range). The Neely & Chloe Mini Satin Lady Bag in Blue Floral is perfect when paired with my go-to uniform of jeans and white shirt. The wicker bag is forever timeless, but her version, called the Wicker Bubble Bag, is an adorable round shape with a top handle that comes in an orange/red, a white, and a soft grassy green. Other styles includes a Mini Saffiano-Leather Tote to satisfy all our ultra-mini bag fetish that comes in red, grey and white. Items will trickle in throughout the year, and customers are able to preorder from the site now.

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These Cute, Affordable Handbags Will Cure Your Winter Blues