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Fashion Week Beauty Tip: Stop Doing Your Hair

Photo: Getty Images

We’re only a couple of days into New York Fashion Week and there’s already a fun beauty trend to love: neglected hair. It looks like all those annoying things — like tangles and static electricity — that traditionally sabotage hairstyles are going to be extremely trendy come fall 2019 – they are the hairstyle, in fact. The easiest way to get this look? Stop doing your hair. Seriously, just don’t do anything to it for a while and see what happens. Here are three neglectful looks from this week to try soon.

1. Knots and Tangles

Models at Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images, Erica Smith

At Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Tamara McNaughton informed me that zero styling product was used on the models’ hair. Zero! Only Mason Pearson brushes were used, and only to add even more texture, not to detangle or anything. McNaughton then created bespoke knots to fit the vibe of each individual model’s hair, meaning any knot that naturally forms in your own hair will automatically nail this look. Many of the knots were helped along by tugging hair up and out of elastic ties or braids. So don’t retie your ponytail (or pigtails) if they get loose, and don’t re-braid any braids. Just stop touching it. Perfect!

2. Grown-Out Bangs

Models at PH5. Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for PH5

Later in the day, the hair at PH5’s presentation gave us a glimpse into the future, the one in which everyone has 2019 bangs and they’re growing out. Rodney Cutler created disheveled, crimped hairstyles styles that not only gave me a sudden urge to watch The Ring, but also offered up the best solution to the dreaded grow-out period: pretend it isn’t happening. Don’t trim your bangs once they start poking you in the eye. And don’t pin them back with bobby pins once they start hitting nose-length, either. Just don’t do anything. Perfect!

3. Flyaways and Frizz

A model at Telfar. Photo: JP YIM/Getty Images

Telfar closed out the night with models stage-diving and crowd-surfing, but even before the show, the hair looks (created by Shingo Shibata) resembled what hair might look like after stage-diving and crowd-surfing. Instead of going out in public to attend a concert where other people are present, just wear your hair down and don’t do it for a few days. Sleep on it and make sure your pillow is a regular, non-silky pillow. Don’t rinse, but do repeat. Perfect!

Fashion Week Beauty Tip: Stop Doing Your Hair