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How Would a Baguette Move, If It Could?

Photo: Joe Schildhorn/BFA.com

Last night, Fendi threw a party at its flagship store on Madison Avenue to celebrate the most covetable bag of the 2000s, the Baguette. The Fendi Baguette bag was the “it” bag of the previous decade, rising dramatically to fame when Carrie Bradshaw carried it on Sex and the City and making the brand into a fashion powerhouse.

The crowd included all the expected industry elites dressed in head-to-toe Fendi, as well as celebrities like Emma Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, and Caroline Daur. But there was also a young, downtown cool-kid element in the mix — a factor that’s becoming more common at parties thrown by even the most luxurious of brands. “It looks like the club kids are here tonight,” said one well-groomed man in a navy blue suit and spotless leather shoes, as he sipped on a pink cocktail.

The soirée seemed timed to reintroduce the Baguette bag in a variety of shapes and sizes to a new, youthful crowd. After all, some of the younger millennials in attendance were babies during the height of Sex and the City’s popularity. For them, a baguette is a loaf of bread, the kind that’s currently being debated on Twitter thanks to a meme that asks how it would move (like a snake? like a worm?) So it only seemed appropriate to put the same question to the cool kids at the party. Keep scrolling to see what they said.

Brittany Xavier: No. 2

“I think it would be No. 2 because it reminds me of a very soft baguette, the way it’s moving.”

Ezra J. William: No. 1

“No. 1. It just like kind of makes sense for it to go like that. It just fits the whole emotion of a baguette.”

Seashell Coker: No. 4

“I think it would be No. 4 because it’s like a worm. Like, a baguette has to move that way. That’s the only way possible.”

Shannon and Shannade Clermont: No. 2 or 3

“No. 2 or 3, because they’re like us. We’re all over the place but still consistent, and we can still pull it together, but we’re, like, a lot of fun.”

Vials: No. 2

“I think if a baguette could move, it would definitely be No. 2 because when that bread is soft and luscious, that’s how it’s going to move around. Absolutely.”

Tessa Hilton: No. 2 or 3

“The baguette is a little doughy and springy, but at the same time crunchy on the outside. So I think it would spring and flop at the same time.”

How Would a Baguette Move, If It Could?