oscars 2019

Paramedic Attends to Poor Rami Malek After He Falls Off the Oscars Stage Post-Win

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Well, if you had to fall down in front of every famous person currently alive, at least you did it after winning an Oscar in front of them too. As reported by People, after the conclusion of Sunday’s 91st Academy Awards, Best Actor in a Leading Role winner Rami Malek fell off the front of the Oscars stage. An EMT could be seen talking to the actor following his slip, but as confirmed by Vulture’s party reporter in the press room following the show, the Bohemian Rhapsody star seemed none the worse for wear shortly thereafter. Somewhere, Jennifer Lawrence slips back into the shadows, her mantle officially passed on to a new generation.

EMT Attends to Rami Malek After He Falls Off Oscars Stage