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The Psychosexual Drama of Ariana Grande’s New Video

Ariana Grande.
Ariana Grande, Charles Melton, and Ariel Yasmine. Photo: Vevo

Following an incredibly difficult year, I only want the best for Ariana Grande: multiple chart-topping songs, healthy relationships with herself and others, and for her to have a threesome with Charles Melton and Ariel Yasmine.

At midnight on Thursday, as anticipated, Grande dropped her fifth studio album, Thank U, Next, which she brilliantly — and very impressively— compiled in just half a year. But what’s really had fans talking in the 12 hours since she released the album is what she gave us alongside it: a wildly sensual music video for her album closer, “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.”

I cannot emphasize this enough: Everything about the video is supremely, inexplicably sexy. There’s Charles and Ariel, who play a wildly hot and horny couple (who are either seeking a unicorn, or considering polyamory, or separately thinking about cheating). There’s the dancing in a darkly lit Hollywood mansion. Also the smoldering look Ariel gives Ariana as she’s grinding up against Charles. AND the way Ariana inches over to the couple in the pool and finally relieves the sexual tension by … anyway!

While the list could go on and on, I’ll instead focus on what really makes the video hot. In the video, directed by longtime collaborator Hannah Lux Davis, Ariana and Ariel — who already resemble each other — sport similar ponytails, chokers, eyelash extensions, outfits. When they’re far apart, you can differentiate them. In the scenes where they’re touching foreheads and dancing with each other, though, you sometimes lose that ability. The video disorients you — in the good way, like when you have a buzz or are dancing against multiple bodies in a crowded bar or find yourself tangled up in bed with more than one person. That’s all I want for Ariana — and clearly, Charles and Ariel want it, too.

The Psychosexual Drama of Ariana Grande’s New Video