Crisis in Cleveland: Small Dogs Face 50-mph Winds

Photo: Getty Images

Please don’t stress out when I tell you what I’m about to tell you, because everything’s fine now. It’s fine. But this week, we came nauseatingly close to total, cataclysmic disaster. You see, for two days, it seemed like the small dogs of the greater Cleveland and northern Ohio area were going to be blown away by wind.

On Tuesday, the National Weather Service Cleveland issued an unofficial “Small Dog Warning” wind advisory for northern Ohio, and also northwest Pennsylvania. The tweet warned of wind gusts of 45 to 50 mph, and included a picture of a flying dog next to a picture of a leaf (?) that says “Very Windy” and under shouty, yellow words that say “SMALL DOG WARNING … HOLD ON TO YOUR POOCH.”

They also warned that “few trees may be blown down” and “trash can may be missing” but those threats pale in comparison to the prospect of having your beloved Yorkie whisked out of your front yard by an especially strong gust, and swept out into the waters of Lake Erie, or down into the wilds of central Ohio.

The advisory, part of a wider wind advisory for the region, was in place Tuesday and Wednesday. Fortunately, by Thursday, the winds had died down, and according to Today, northern Ohio’s small dogs all survived.

Crisis in Cleveland: Small Dogs Face 50-mph Winds