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Your Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Reemergence Of Solange

Your body is surely ready, but does your body deserve? Solange Knowles has started making fresh media moves this week, teasing new music and, because she’s Solange, mostly likely a new perspective, a new testimony, a new way of life, etc. She’s taken over the website Black Planet, where she’s set up a “Dossier” of new images, a small schedule of her next live events (made up mostly of summer festival dates), and a home page setup that’s working with a visual-arts piece. There are also lyric-esque quotes like, “Threw my earnings like offerings and prayed it went to something that made her feel good. How much of ourselves do we leave at home and how much do we carry with us forever?” She’s also on the upcoming cover of i-D magazine, so something is being cooked up. Oh, and also, it looks like she’s been doing a new core workout!

Your Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Reemergence of Solange