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Instagram’s New Favorite Face Mask Is Here

Photo: Courtesy of Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays: two words that are music to our chilly, polar vortex ears. A reminder that there are still warm, blissful, drinking-sangria-on-a-patio-at-noon-days in the world, even if they seem like they happened a long, long time ago or still feel far, far away. It never hurts to start prepping your skin now to be as radiant as possible. Thankfully Summer Fridays, the fancy mask purveyors with a cult Instagram following, created by Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland released a new product, the R+R mask.

This mask rounds out a trio of offerings from Summer Fridays. First, there was the Jet Lag mask, a Cut favorite for hydrating skin. Then, the Overtime mask, which used pumpkin enzymes to gently exfoliate skin. And now, the R+R mask uses the exfoliating properties of rose powder combined with fragrant Bulgarian rose oil for supposedly “petal-soft skin.”

What’s unique about the R+R mask is that it essentially provides two functions with one product: it’s both exfoliating and hydrating. Sometimes a mask can leave your skin dry after you wash it off, or make your skin feel too tight. Not this one, though. You gently massage it into clean, dry skin and leave it sit for ten minutes. After removing it with a damp washcloth, you can gently pat the remaining oils into your skin for a super-glowy hydration boost. Plus, the mask smells like a bouquet of roses, making it a nice, longer-lasting alternative to getting an actual bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day.

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Instagram’s New Favorite Face Mask Is Here