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We Like Your Style: Lauren Sherman

The Business of Fashion’s chief correspondent in New York is the queen of understated chic.

Photo: Emily Soto
Photo: Emily Soto

Street style may feel repetitive these days, but that doesn’t mean fashion people have gotten boring. In a new series, we’re highlighting the insiders whose personal style always inspires us.

Over the years that she’s been covering New York Fashion Week, Lauren Sherman has quietly developed impeccable minimalist style. The Business of Fashion’s chief correspondent in New York prefers simple, effortless pieces, often in neutral tones, from brands like The Row, Lemaire, Uniqlo, and Phoebe Philo’s Celine. She never dresses for the cameras and often avoids the hot trends of the moment, preferring to buy high-quality items that will last forever.

Read on to learn more about Sherman.

Celebrity style DNA: Phoebe Philo meets Sofia Coppola meets Kyra Sedgwick in Singles.

If she was a food, she’d be: A shot of hot chocolate from City Bakery.

The one thing you’ll never see her wear: Uggs or flat-bottomed slippers. “I need more arch support,” she says.

Key accessories: Silver hoop earrings, Apple watch, signet ring, cashmere beanies, and her curly hair.

Brands she loves: “I don’t want to name brands because I write about a lot of them. But I will say that while I buy a lot of designer stuff, my biggest concern is that I’m buying the best version of the thing. I would not buy fashion sneakers or a fashion fleece. I prefer the original, best-performing version. I don’t know if this is dumb, pretentious, or both. It is who I am.”

Fashion week look: Something simple and neutral.

Real Housewife tagline: “Friends, I do not watch that show.” Spoken like a true minimalist.

We Like Your Style: Lauren Sherman