Two 9-Year-Old Girls Terrorize Australian Shopping Center

Two tiny, 9-year-old agents of chaos terrorized a Helensvale, Australia, shopping center on Monday afternoon, jumping on top a car, shouting obscenities, and threatening security guards. Videos taken by passersby captured their expletive-laden rampage.

“This is our car, so get fucked!” one girl can be seen shouting at security while the two danced on a white Toyota sedan in the Westfield parking lot.

As security guards tried to diffuse the situation, the girls kicked at and spat on them. When one guard yanked away the girls’ scooter, one shouted, “If you take it, I’ll bloody kill you,” and the second leaped off the car, shouting “Give me my fucking scooter.” Moments later, video shows the second girl speeding away on the recovered vehicle, and doing a sweet ollie.

According to 9News Gold Coast, the girls reportedly started acting out in the parking lot after getting into a fight about cigarettes, and abusing an elderly woman inside the shopping center.

“Apparently these girls were foster care kids and rebelling against something,” said one shopper who witnessed the incident.

“We didn’t see it start, we just saw these girls jumping on the roof and bonnet of the carer’s car. They were swearing and spitting at security and other people in the car park.”

Eventually, police arrived and brought the two girls back home to their foster parents, bringing their brief but mighty reign of terror to a close. Neither police nor the Westfield shopping center commented on the situation. The girls’ comment, presumably, would be “Get fucked.”

Two 9-Year-Old Girls Terrorize Australian Shopping Center