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Aidy Bryant Cries ‘Moon Tears’ for Failed All-Women Space Walk on SNL

Aidy Bryant as Astronaut Anne McClain. Photo: Screenshot via Youtube./Saturday Night Live.

NASA canceled its first all-women space walk with astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch last week, blaming a lack of space suits. According to NASA, there were simply not enough suits in the right size, so only one woman could make the trek, and McClain was ultimately replaced by astronaut Nick Hague. While the real McClain has been understanding, Aidy Bryant’s parodied version of the astronaut on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” was a bit more … expressive.

Blinking rapidly, Bryant’s McClain barely kept her composure as she tried to explain why she was cut from such a historic event. “I’m practical, I get it. Only one woman suit, so Christina did the space walk with my colleague Nick, and they swam in the stars and they know what it is to be God looking down on the Earth and me … Me inside the window and it’s all okay!”

An increasingly fraught Bryant lists out all of McClains impressive accomplishments, before adding “but then the space shirt and the pants were the wrong size so, actually unfortunately, the dream gotta die.”

“But you still got to go to space, you just didn’t get to go outside the ship and do the space walk,” Michael Che responded.

“Yeah I got to go to space,” Bryant said squinting her eyes tightly and frantically moving her arms around. “I got to do all the chill stuff you know, like being shot into the sky like a bullet on fire and then once I got there I got to eat all the steak dust. And you know, be whizzin’ in my tube!”

Bryant ended McClain’s mild breakdown with a word of advice to girls who dream of becoming astronauts: “You can all become astronauts, just not at the same time!”

Watch the full clip below.

Aidy Bryant Cries for Failed All-Women Space Walk on SNL