Two Women’s Soccer Stars Are Getting Married

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris.
Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris. Photo: alikrieger/Instagram

Finally, some wonderful news: U.S. Women’s Soccer stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris are engaged!

In a new interview with People, the Orlando Pride teammates publicly confirmed their relationship for the first time — and revealed that they got engaged back in September. The pair are planning on getting married at the end of the year in Florida.

The couple’s love story started almost a decade ago, when they met in 2010 while they both played for the U.S. National Team. They started out as friends, and, Harris said, “The rest has kind of been history. Here we are nine years later, and we’re going to be getting married this year.” During a September 15 picnic near the rocks of Clearwater Beach, Florida, Harris, 33, surprised Krieger, 34 by popping the question.

Both Harris and Krieger explained what initially drew them to each other. Krieger told People that she found Harris’s “creativity and ambition” to be “so attractive, and the way that she makes me a better person.” And — please brace yourself for an extremely romantic moment — Harris told People it was Krieger’s independence, assertiveness, and “big, beautiful brown eyes” that attracted her.

Krieger and Harris told People that they initially didn’t want to confirm their relationship until now — despite worshiping fans dubbing them “Krashlyn” — because they didn’t want to distract from the game. “We were like, now is the right time … and I feel like it’s a massive weight off of my shoulders. Finally, after all these years, I just feel like I don’t have to hide anything or feel like I’m not living up to the community I’m in,” Harris said.

Please excuse us as we sob in joy.

Two Women’s Soccer Stars Are Getting Married