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Alexa, Send Me Your Skin-Care Secrets

Can you BELEI this? Photo: courtesy of the Retailer

Even though it will probably take longer than two-day shipping to get rid of acne or dark spots, Amazon is jumping into the skin-care game with their very own product line. It’s named Belei (pronounced like “belay”, as in what you do when you’re rock climbing or disobeying captain’s orders). Let’s dive in and take a deeper look at Belei, mateys.

The landing page for Belei states, “No beauty secrets, only beauty solutions.” Which, besides sounding like it was written by a skin-care robot (good side hustle, Alexa) means that their entire 12-product line is free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Other descriptors that wash over you like lukewarm water include: “We take a simple approach to skincare” and “Nothing less, nothing more.”

The selection of acne spot correctors, masks, serums, and moisturizers range in price from $9 to $40. The most remarkable thing about the entire Belei line is that it feels almost completely unremarkable. The teal and seafoam color scheme is soothing. The packaging is incredibly straightforward and minimalist in a way that says “Choose me, O millennial Amazon shopper”. It’s an interesting addition to an already fairly oversaturated skin-care market, full of a variety of different stripped-down, affordable options. Is this skin-care venture a sign that Jeff Bezos finally responded to Gwyneth Paltrow?

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Alexa, Send Me Your Skin-Care Secrets