It Was Anna Wintour Who First Decreed Lauren Conrad ‘the Girl Who Didn’t Go to Paris’

Anna Wintour. Photo: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

It was the terrible decision heard round the world, or at least heard round every 20-something’s TV night: The Hills star Lauren Conrad chose to stay in L.A. instead of leaving her boyfriend Jason Wahler behind to jet off to Paris and intern at Vogue. Lisa Love, then-Vogue and Teen Vogue’s West Coast director, described L.C. thusly with one of reality TV’s most iconic burns: “She’ll always be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris.” It turns out that the brains behind the one-liner was none other than the withering gaze and sharp tongue of Vogue EIC Anna Wintour. “Anna asked me what happened with ‘the girl who didn’t go to Paris,’ and the next time I saw Lauren, I just said it,” Love told Vogue in the latest feature of The Hills. “The writers ran with it.”

Thank you, Anna Wintour. That’s all.

This Famous Line From The Hills Originated With Anna Wintour