Are Ben Affleck and Katherine Schwarzenegger Invisible to Each Other?

Ben Affleck and (far right) Katherine Schwarzenegger.
Ben Affleck and (far right) Katherine Schwarzenegger. Photo: BOAZ/GAL / BACKGRID

The sun rises, the sun sets; the tide rises, the tide falls. Ben Affleck exists in the same universe as Chris Pratt’s fiancée Katherine Schwarzenegger; or does he?

It is currently humanly impossible to truly know the circumstances of Ben Affleck and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s existences, because on Monday, something baffling happened: They passed each other on the sidewalk in Brentwood, California … and did not stop to speak or pose together.

This, to say the least, is perplexing. Just Jared observed: “Ben Affleck Strolls Right Past Katherine Schwarzenegger on Monday Morning!” But while that is accurate, it is really just a base-level assessment of the story. As someone who has watched the film Sliding Doors, I wonder if there is more to it. On the one hand, you would think that Affleck, an iced coffee fiend who once played Batman, would know the daughter of action star (and his former governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger and/or the fiancée of other action star, Chris Pratt. And if so, did he merely not recognize her without her dad or fiancée, or with her hat and sunglasses on?

Or more likely, is it instead that Ben Affleck exists in a parallel plane from Katherine Schwarzenegger, where they walk the same streets at the same time and yet cannot see, or even comprehend, of each other. Is their relationship almost like Sliding Doors or even Russian Doll, where their timelines merely do not overlap despite the fact that we, the viewers, can see it all so clearly? Are they invisible to each other, or is it actually impossible for them to see each other?

I pray Ben Affleck will be invited to the wedding so we can examine this theory further.

Can Ben Affleck and Katherine Schwarzenegger See Each Other?