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How to Get the Perfect Dark ’90s Lip

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

Have we mentioned the ‘90s are back? Because the ‘90s are back. Brands are making updated versions of everything from the decade’s square-toed sandals to its baggy wide-legged jeans. Also making a return is dark lipstick of the sort once seen on Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez. The deep brownish-reddish-burgundy shade is tricky, though — it can turn patchy and dry-looking, especially if you want a super matte finish. That’s why I’ve become obsessed with Burberry’s Beauty Full Kisses lipstick in oxblood. It’s packed with color, but it’s also moisturizing.

For a brand that’s known for its no-makeup makeup, a shade as dramatic and vampy as oxblood seems like an unusual choice, but the color is surprisingly versatile. One swipe of the lipstick, and it’s a light stain that brightens up my face. A few more swipes, and it turns deeper, more akin to my favorite dark shade: Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope in Black Tie.

But what really sold me is in the added moisture — it’s not quite a gloss, but it adds enough hydration that the color doesn’t flake off in weird chunks. It wears nicely, even after a 16-hour day running around for fashion week. I love how it looks on me, but it’s equally flattering on a lot of different women — I’ve had friends of varying skin tones ask to borrow it over the course of the last few weeks because they loved it so much.

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How to Get the Perfect Dark ’90s Lip