Channing Tatum Is Now an Instagram Poet

Channng Tatum, Jessie J. Photo: Getty Images

It was just one month ago that Jeff Bezos perplexed us all with his leaked romantic text message to Lauren Sanchez: “I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon.” And now, through far less dubious means, we have been blessed with a romantically confusing love message from Channing Tatum to his girlfriend, singer Jessie J, via Instagram DM.

Tatum, 38, and Jessie J, 30, have been dating since at least last fall, following the Magic Mike star’s April split from Jenna Dewan, to whom he was married for nine years and with whom shares a daughter, Everly. And thanks to an Instagram DM that Jessie J recently broadcast to the world, it’s clear their romance is still going strong.

Channing Tatum and Jessie J’s Instagram DM. Photo: jessiej/Instagram

The singer shared a screenshot of her conversation with Tatum on Monday night on her Instagram stories. According to People, Jessie J sent Tatum a kissing-face selfie, which inspired the following rhyme from Tatum:

“Yes I won’t rest till I caress Fresh face Jess. I will finesse till Success. Never digress. Just progress. Bless.”

Jessie J replied with the only possible appropriate answer to such a beautiful poem:

“Hahahaha … Baaaarrs yeah.”

Tatum’s powerful Instagram DM love poetry comes as no surprise. After all, he’s the very same person who, as it was revealed from the massive Sony leak of 2014, once emailed studio execs about the success of his film 22 Jump Street: “F YOU TED !!!! SECOND OF ALLLL TIMMMMME BEEEOTCH!!!!” We can only hope he starts sharing more of his beautiful words publicly on Instagram soon.

Channing Tatum Is Now an Instagram Poet