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14 Pairs of Hoop Earrings in Every Color of the Rainbow

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

How do you look professional without being deadly dull? Each week, the Cut talks to stylish woman with interesting careers for In Her Shoes, and each week, they give us advice about how to adapt trends to make them office-appropriate. One current obsession: Colorful resin hoops. Both Dr. Shereene Idriss and Gagosian Gallery’s Sarah Hoover name-checked Alison Lou’s bright Lucite earrings as a fun, easy addition to a workplace outfit, but there are plenty of other hoops out there in a rainbow of shades. Read on for some of our favorites at all price points.

If You Love Melodramatic Purple

If You’re Nostalgic for the ’90s

Baby blue, the shade made famous by Hard Candy’s Sky nail polish, is yet another trend from that era making a comeback.

If You Want Comfortable Hoops

I have this exact pair and they’re so lightweight that I forget that I’m wearing them. In bright red, they’re especially cool.

If You’re Dying for a Vacation

Wearing sunny yellow earrings is almost as good as sipping Limoncello on the Amalfi coast, right?

If You’re a Fan of Neutrals

If You Still Love Pink

No shame in still wearing the dreamy shade — sometimes you just want pretty things.

If You Like Memphis Design

If You Want Something Flashy

A smattering of red rhinestones makes these especially fun for a night out.

If You’re a Ceramics Fan

The curves on this pair have a handmade, tactile look.

If You Want to Get a Jump on Fall 2019

This exact shade of yellow was a surprising runway trend you can wear now.

If You Want a Hint of Sparkle

Look closely and you’ll see bits of glitter embedded in the resin.

If You Miss Old Celine

The swirled marble coupled with the giant silver ball are the sort of sculptural details you’d find back in the Philo days.

If You’re a Minimalist

White, a non-color color, is the perfect choice.

If You Don’t Want to Look Too Trendy

The slim navy hoops are classic enough that you won’t feel as if you’re wearing a costume.

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14 Pairs of Hoop Earrings in Every Color of the Rainbow