Here Is What Grimes and Elon Musk Have to Say About Their Love

Grimes and Elon Musk. Photo: Getty Images

Not only are Grimes and Elon Musk still dating, they are now talking about each other publicly, albeit vaguely.

In a new interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine, Grimes was asked about her relationship with Musk, and despite going on to say that she loved him, groaned when his name was brought up. Or, more specifically, according to the outlet, “nearly collapses on the floor in a long, pained groan.”

“Don’t tell him I groaned just now,” she told the magazine. “I groaned out of, I don’t know, feminism. I mean, he’s a super-interesting goddamn person.”

Groaning aside, she had only (reluctant) positive things to say about the Tesla mogul and non-weed-smoker.

“Look, I love him, he’s great,” she said (the magazine notes here that she won’t refer to Musk by name, but is speaking about him).

“There’s got to be some reason. I just think….” she said, trailing off and appearing to “contort” and shrink her body down before straightening up and finishing her thoughts with a simple, “Cool.”

Grimes — who, as you may recall, recently changed her name to “c,” the symbol for the speed of light — also explained that she was “simply unprepared” for the public attention that Grusk garnered. Addressing her defense of Musk when he was accused of union-busting at Tesla, she said, “I just thought I could keep going along in my funny little way, and then you casually respond to someone in a tweet and it’s on Fox News, and you’re like, ‘ugh,’ you know? That was a very disturbing moment.”

Musk, for his part, had just one sentence to sum up his feelings about Grimes: “I love c’s wild fae artistic creativity and hyper intense work ethic.” he told WSJ in an email.

Do with that what you will.

What Grimes and Elon Musk Have to Say About Their Love