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The Shaving Company Executive Who Loves Combat Boots

You could say Brittania Boey’s style is … sharp.

Photo: Gabriela Herman
Photo: Gabriela Herman

The shaving industry used to be dominated by a few big companies. But like everything else in this decade, it’s been disrupted — partly by Harry’s Inc., which launched in 2013 with a direct-to-consumer line of razors and other personal-care items. One of Harry’s first hires was Brittania Boey, the company’s current chief commercial officer. In her role, she oversees research and development of the brand’s expansive list of products. Most recently, she spearheaded Flamingo, the brand’s women’s-focused line.

Boey grew up in Asia and moved to the United States for college. After graduating from Georgetown University she began her career as an investment banker at UBS before landing at Disney. Following an MBA at Harvard Business School, Boey switched gears and worked at personal-care companies like Burt’s Bees before her current role at Harry’s Inc.

The Cut caught up with Boey to talk about her minimalist wardrobe, why she’s looking for a good three-piece suit, and how she believes Mondays were made for comfort.

Photo: Gabriela Herman

On her everyday shoes: I walk to work, so I need something that works with my outfit but is still comfortable. I love sneakers — Nike and Adidas are favorites, especially in fun colors. Otherwise I love a men’s silhouette like combat boots or oxfords. Rag & Bone, Church’s, and Clarks make some great ones. And for those styles, I like to stick to all black, though sometimes I’ll do other neutrals.

I’m drawn to silhouettes before color and texture. I like hard shapes — strong accents like bold lacing or a big zipper will always catch my eye.

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On what she wears to big meetings: I value comfort, especially if I’m bouncing to a few meetings throughout the day. If it’s something especially important or I need to get a lot done, I find that structured, tailored outfits make me feel the most productive. I’ll mix pieces from COS or Rachel Comey with Muji or Snow Peak.

I think of getting dressed as creating shapes, and I like all shapes, depending on my mood. Some days that’ll mean an oversized pair of balloon pants with a drop-shoulder sweater. On more structured days I like the clean, sharp lines that come with fitted, waist-hugging, men’s-suiting-inspired pieces. I’d love a tailored three-piece suit but I still haven’t found the perfect one.

On her lack of desk shoes: I don’t keep a single pair of shoes at my desk. I don’t like clutter in my work space so whatever I’m wearing will need to be appropriate for my entire day and night. I’m usually heading out to whatever I have planned for the evening directly from the office so on those days, it’s all about those structured, tailored outfits.

On her typical Monday outfit: I need to be relaxed! Since I’m switching to an earlier wake-up time compared to my weekend, I try to compress the time I need to get ready. This usually means sneakers and loose-fitting-wide bottoms. I just got a really comfy pair of KowTow pants that I can’t wait to wear and I’ve been eyeing these Rachel Comey Scatter shorts for when it gets warmer. I’ll throw on a leather jacket. Sometimes I’ll add a hat, especially if I didn’t have time to wash my hair. Stussy just launched some great pastels caps that I can’t wait to buy.

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On the unique wardrobe requirements of her job: I get super excited for meetings about product design, but you don’t realize what can go into it. While we were developing scents for Flamingo, I could only wear sleeveless shirts. I need all the exposed skin for sample testing!

On her approach to work dressing: I dress as a reflection of how I’m feeling, and what I need to get done that day. Some days I need to kick ass, and some days I want to chill! No matter what, I never want to be fussy.

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The Shaving Company Executive Who Loves Combat Boots