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You Can Now Buy Makeup Directly From Instagram

Scroll, click, buy, scroll. Photo: Getty Images, Instagram

When you aimlessly scroll through Instagram, you can start to covet some of the things you’re seeing. Yes, maybe it’s something intangible like a tropical beach vacation, but other times, it’s a particularly rad item of clothing or beauty product. Now, you can actually start purchasing items directly through Instagram with their new feature, called “Checkout.”

The concept behind Checkout is pretty simple. Instead of seeing something you like on Instagram and then heading to that brand’s website (or to Amazon) to buy it, you can purchase it directly within the app, and then get back to scrolling. It sounds both highly convenient and also dangerously tempting. There are a handful of beauty brands that have been selected as a part of the initial rollout, including Huda Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Cosmetics, Ouai, M.A.C, and NARS.

What’s appealing about the Checkout feature is that it lets you discover new or different products with relative ease, which is something that is pretty hard to do on Amazon. With Instagram Checkout, you can scroll through accounts that you already follow to get a sense of different products. If the prospect of being able to buy beauty products directly from Instagram is too temping, now might be a great time to set up a screen time limit for the app so you don’t end up stalking your favorite lipstick in addition to your ex.

You Can Now Buy Makeup Directly From Instagram