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Watch This Very Funny Infomercial Selling Fancy Bags

Photo: Courtesy of JW Anderson

There are a few things I associate with my mom: delicious homemade meals, unconditional love, and TV shopping networks. She loved watching them and they would constantly play in the background, much to my irritation. While those held no appeal for me, this clever one from JW Anderson definitely will inspire even the biggest cynic to hand over their credit card.

The London brand released the first part of a new social media campaign, entitled JWA-TV, parodying those exact broadcasts that I begrudgingly endured as a child. The tongue-in-cheek videos feature Tony-nominated cabaret performer and performance artist Justin Vivian Bond as host Sandy Stone. Joining her is Joyce Nawman, played by Jill Pangolla, while real-life QVC on-air host Amber portrays spokesmodel Staci D. The trio partner up to show off the brand’s signature handbag styles: the Keyts, the Anchor Logo, and the Bike. Each will get their own devoted segment, and the entire video will eventually be up on the brand’s site.

Watch the first part of the series, featuring the Keyts bag, below.

Watch This Very Funny Infomercial Selling Fancy Bags