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Wow, James Comey Is Really Going Through It

James Comey. Photo: @Comey/Twitter

Social media is a great way to connect with people, to get inundated with hot takes, and to let your friends and family know that you are absolutely lost in the dense, dark jungle of the soul. This weekend, former FBI director and Extremely Tall Man James Comey let the whole world know he is really Going Through It, by posting two pictures of himself in nature, with moody captions that seem like they were written by an eighth-grader feuding with their former best friend.

In the first, he stands at the top of a cliff , gazing out over the open ocean, in a baseball cap and New Balance sneakers. For the caption, he wrote, “Geologic time offers useful perspective,” which I guess is the opposite of the Jurassic Park ethos.

In the second, he stands in a sun-dappled clearing in the middle of a circle of tall trees, and gazes pensively toward the heavens. “So many questions,” he wrote.

Comey, as you may remember, is not new to social media. In March 2017, reporter Ashley Feinberg, writing for Gizmodo, discovered Comey’s secret Twitter account, which he had created under the name Reinhold Neibuhr, a prominent theologian he had studied in college. Back then, Comey’s Twitter handle was @projectexile7. He then changed the handle to @FormerBu, and now it is simply @Comey.

Even in 2017, Comey showed a proclivity for pensive nature pics. His second tweet read, “Beautiful fall day at West Point. Lone kayaker on the Hudson,” and included a picture of a lone kayaker on the Hudson.

The melancholy former fed posted the pictures shortly after Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his long-awaited report on possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to the Department of Justice. Were his questions about that? Were they about the infamous “pee tape” Trump once asked him to investigate? Or was he doing what I do, which is post pictures of myself when I’m in a bad mood and want attention? Who knows. Hopefully geologic time will offer useful perspective.

Wow, James Comey Is Really Going Through It